Collegian Group's approach to College Planning


College Planning the Traditional Way:

Admissions Planning : Parents traditionally “go it alone” when it comes to managing the college application process and will rely on advice from counselors at the high school. However, counselors can be working with 300-400 kids and tend to provide the same general advice to everyone. Many students may meet only a couple of times with their counselor. This leaves the burden on the student and parents to manage a complex process with no expert advice.

Some parents may seek out a college admissions consultant who charges $5000 - $8000. Most of these consultants help with some parts of the process but few offer comprehensive services, requiring the parents to seek supplemental resources. Many are very good at helping students find schools that are a good fit academically and socially. Unfortunately, they do not have the expertise or resources to assist families in finding the best fit financially by getting the best tuition discounts at the schools.

Cash flow planning for college : People may seek out advice from CPA’s or their Financial Planners, however these professionals don’t understand the nuances of the college financial aid process. 

Collegian College Planning’s Approach:

College planning begins with the relationship that we develop with our families that provides them with a personalized approach. We start by getting to know your family’s unique situation and priorities. Then our team guides students and their families through the entire complex process with coaching plans for each year of high school. We like to begin working with your student as early as mid-Freshman year to develop a comprehensive plan that minimizes stress on parents and students. However we can add value at any point in the process. We continue to provide support through the college years and can assist with transfers or graduate school if necessary.

Collegian College Planning will provide guidance in course selection, college visits, exploring career options and identifying colleges that are best suited for the student. Collegian provides additional services such as ACT/SAT prep and tutors for essay writing at costs substantially less than others. Collegian completes all college financial aid forms and will guide you on obtaining the maximum tuition discounts from each school. Finally, we offer a comprehensive financial review to provide guidance on paying for college without going broke. Most important, we manage the details and deadlines with your student so you don’t have to. Our role as an intermediary significantly minimizes stress on your relationship with your student throughout the process.

Collegian’s College Planning services are tailored to meet your needs in all aspects of the college planning process. We have a comprehensive suite of services that provides families with a single source for all aspects of their college planning needs. Working with Collegian eliminates the need to seek out additional help from multiple resources. It is equally important for a school to fit academically, socially and financially. We are passionate about helping each student find the right school, for the right reasons and for the right price. In 2020, we helped our Seniors receive an average tuition discount of $80,000 over 4 years.
We are happy to meet with you to learn more about your personal situation to develop a proposal that meets your needs.